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The Eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris since 1889, familiar with the characteristic outline of the world. The technical revolution is regarded as a symbol. Bold evidence to the nineteenth. century from the end of the appropriate technical knowledge of the human ability to create ever-higher buildings.
The architecture of new technical solutions developed for accelerated industrial development. Several hundred feet high in many countries experimented with buildings. These undertakings ended in failure, it could almost believe that no solution can be used.



414px-maurice_koechlin_pylone.jpgGustave Eiffel (left image) engineers persisted stubbornly convinced France. Together with colleagues at the end of 1884 created a 300 meter high tower, the design, participated in the elaboration of a partner, Maurice Koechlin (right image).
1886 design contest was launched for the 1889 Paris World's Fair. The exhibition is set to present the purpose of industrial development. Display entries according to the organizing committee for proposing a 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) high iron tower is building. The tender is likely to have reported Eiffel tower plan. Hundreds of candidates in the works are finally selected for Eiffel, and it imposed the condition that the tower in less than two years to build.
261730_deb2354e63.jpgThe Eiffel Tower was a square of 1.6 hectares in size. Today, along with all of the antenna height of 320.75 m, 8600 ton, and approx. 2.5 million rivets held together. Twelve-piece with integrated, accurate technical drawings based on the details. Early in the highest tower of the incredible speed of 250 specialist prepared.
Eiffel has built a number of railway bridge, visited the office happy technically difficult to solve problems. The Eiffel Tower was also the engineer for virtues - the careful planning and preliminary work on the incredible precision - made possible the rapid construction.


Sixteen pillars of the tower is a curve in the lower (four sets each leg of the tower base), and these are equipped with hydraulic lifting device to the first floor Levelling implemented. The stability could not be conducted without the construction. The first was held at a restaurant during the Exposition, it was the first restaurant in Paris. The second level, 116 meters above the Le Figaro newspaper's offices are located.
Twenty-six months, the tower was completed, and until 1931 - in New York for the construction of Empire State Building - the world's tallest building within. The time of two million people visited the Expo. The first, second and third level lift leads to the top of the tower in 1710 but stepped up to walk.
Eiffel in 1964, his works are monuments. Today, three million people visit annually, and the successive generations of each enchant.

The tower was intended to

322933_7118.jpgGustave Eiffel was a scientist, he did not want to have the tower only ornament of the city. Therefore placed on top of meteorological equipment, ground-level data to compare with the above. Aerodynamic experiments have used the tower so that it has developed a base of wind tunnels. The transmission of radio waves, also played a pioneering role in the work of Eiffel. Placed first in the country's radio and television tax.


494988_93766687.jpgNo sooner had commenced construction of the Eiffel Tower, a group of writers and artists gathered signatures to protest, fearing that such a structure is too strong and suppresses ruins of the city. Some of the signatories later took a liking to the tower. Writer Guy de Maupassant in any event, it was said that was only because of the Eiffel Tower restaurant, because it was one of Paris, where he saw the tower. The construction of the adjacent landowners is prevented, because they feared losing their lives and possessions. The French mathematician and one of you to refer to the tower - reaching 229 meters high - will lean up. Eiffel for this stated that it continues to build its own responsibility, he already bore the bulk of the costs.