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Quiz Questions

1. What was Gustave Eiffel's occupation?
    a) Engineer
b) Doctor
c) Writer

2. Gustave Eiffel designed the structure which American building?
a) Empire State Building
b) Statue of Liberty
c) Golden Gate Bridge

3. When opened to the public from the Eiffel Tower?
a) 1889th March 31
b) 1889th April 1
c) 1889th May 15

4. What is the nickname of the Eiffel Tower?
a) Electrical Fairy
b) Iron lady
c) Infernal Tower

5. The tower is painted again how often?
a) 3 years
b) 7 per year
c) 10 years

6. How much paint is required for renewal?
a) 10 tons
b) 60 tons
c) 10 thousand tons

7. How many rivets are held together in the tower?
a) 500 thousand
b) 2 million 500 thousand
c) 4 million

8. What year was the Eiffel Tower was the largest building in the world?
a) 1929
b) 1980
c) 2005

9. Which artists did not paint the Eiffel Tower?
a) Seurat
b) Buffet
c) Leonardo da Vinci

10. Which was the first film, which featured the Eiffel Tower?
a) Documentary
b) Cartoon
c) Feature

11. Originally the tower was made of how many years?
a) 20 years
b) 50 years
c) 100 years

12. Which was the first Eurovision event which aired on the tower?
a) II. Queen Elizabeth's coronation
b) Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon
c) Walt Disney's first animated film

13. Where are the tower hydraulic lifts?
a) The eastern and western pillars
b) The northern pillar
c) A tower in the center

14. How quickly the hydraulic lifts?
a) two millimeters per second makes it
b) two centimeters per second makes it
c) two meters per second makes it

15. Gustave Eiffel, the tower top what he did in 1889?
a) A meteorological station
b) A theater
c) A wind tunnel

16. The first floor of the Eiffel tower how high is it?
a) 57 meters
b) 115 meters
c) 276 meters

17. What kind of service is not located in the tower?
a) Restaurant
b) Barber
c) Souvenir shop

18. How many light bulbs used to light up the tower?
a) 5 thousand
b) 10 thousand
c) 20 thousand

19. Tower sparkles in the night for how long?
a) Every hour 5 minutes
b) 1 hour each night
c) all night

20. How high is the Eiffel tower in Las Vegas?
a) 100 meters
b) 164 meters
c) 312 meters

21. The Eiffel tower from around the world every year welcomes many visitors?
a) Nearly 7 million
b) Nearly 10 million
c) Nearly 100 million