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La Défense

la_d_fense__jszaka.jpgIn the modern business district of La Défense in Paris skyscrapers, new sculptures and other artwork. The European Union in the district over most of the 150-meter skyscraper, and it is also Europe's largest business district.
Esso Tower was the first building in Beli-La Défense, which was built in the 1960s. Today will continue to build the skyscrapers of La Défense. 1,500 companies in nearly 150 thousand employees working in the modern town.
The district is one of the main attraction is full of glass, granite and marble arch, the Grande Arche, which was in response to the Napoleonic monument. An interesting feature to the Arc de Triomphe, Concorde Square, the extension is located along an imaginary line. An elevator to go up to the top of the Grande Arche, where you can enjoy the view.

Grande Arche
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00

Access: metro line 1, RER A station of La Défense