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notredame3.jpgParis Catholic cathedral since the Middle Ages. Maurice de Sully in 1163 began to build a for, which lasted for two centuries. The construction took place without interruption until 1330, Bishop Sully's plans. The front gates have already been completed by 1175. The south tower between 1225 and 1240, the north tower was built between 1230 and 1250.

The choir and the apse of the church chapel boat does around 29 pages. The middle gate called the Gate of Judgement. Statues of angels and the greetings were accompanied hell pushed people portrayed. Is flanked by the wise and foolish virgins, in the middle of a statue of Christ. The statues of the twelve apostles during the virtues and the criminals who modeled for the sculptor.

The cathedral can hold nine people, the fifteen hundred seats, including balcony.