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The cheapest student accommodation in the palais expensive to offer accommodation for all categories can be found in Paris. 75 thousand hotel rooms in the city. The six categories of hotels in and outside the entrance to the building industry is hanging in the price list. Categories: Star-free, 1 *, 2 *, 3 *, 4 * and 4 * L, L = Luxury.
The big downtown hotels to the most expensive. Paris introductory utai along the outer districts and the hotel was built for these services much more cheaply.
Since Paris is very good public transport, and encompass all points of the city's subway lines, it can easily penetrate the outer districts of the city.

Some hotels in Paris:

Hôtel Chopin **

10, boulevard Montmartre
(46 Passage Jouffroy)
75009 Paris

Ermitage Hôtel **

24, rue Lamarck
75018 Paris

Grand Hôtel des Balcons

3, rue Casimir Delavigne
75006 Paris

Grand Hôtel Leveque **

29, rue Cler
75007 Paris

Hôtel de Nice **

42, rue de Rivoli
75004 Paris


Hotel de Nesle

7, rue de Nesle
75006 Paris

Hôtel Saint-Thomas d'Aquincum

3, rue Pré aux Clercs
75007 Paris

Hôtel Saint-Louis Marais

1, rue Charles-V
75004 Paris

Hôtel Saint-Louis

75, rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile
75004 Paris


Ducks 3 Hostel

6, place Etienne Pernet
75015 Paris