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French recipes
croissant_clayettehd.jpgMorning: Breakfast is ideal for coffee, croissants and coffee bars in the first unlocking. Here one can observe many interesting shape of the awakening city, the surrounding stores, cargo workers, the usual pop cup of coffee neighboring shopkeepers, gentlemen and ladies are anxious to work, a leisurely read books and smoking locals. An espresso (coffee) for about 1 euros, a café au lait (café-crème) is about 1.50, the croissants in the shops start from 0.80€ and catering, however, much more needs to be paid for it. The bars and cafes are not looking for a variety of bakeries, croissants, or in most places only "chocolate bread (pain au chocolat) are kept.
At Noon: the lunch break officially falls between 12 and 14 hours, then take a break in the offices and schools. A quick and relatively cheap lunch can be solved with everywhere, hamburger-based fast-food fries, a national fast food restaurants (Chinese, Thai, ...), or for any of the numerous sandwich salesman. Arabic and Turkish cuisine among other things, falafel, kebab represented a quick and inexpensive catering. The bakeries also offer a decent sized sandwich for lunch. No need to wait anxiously for an account of the French popular dining places either in the self-service Flunch (eg, the Forum des Halles on) from 10 € up to three courses (appetizer, main course, dessert) for lunch is running, but the Brioche Dore or Paul's salads and main courses are also affordable. It is usually worth checking out sandwiches and salads, and desserts and drinks containing the menu, which is cheaper, though separately, we ask the same items. The ubiquitous terraces, restaurants and bistros, there is usually southern menu and 'plat du jour', ie daily dish bid. The 20€ menu is reasonably priced, in the 30-50 euro represents the segment, in addition, is expensive, expect to catch. The restaurants are also worth a menu to choose a nice-sized dishes to eat. The menus are not included in the price of drinks and coffee! But in a pitcher of water on the table without being requested to do, but if not, feel free to ask if this doesn't cost anything.
Afternoon: Four or five o'clock is a good coffee or tea. For example, a mint tea, which is popular among the Parisians consumed in the Arab or Turkish restaurants and cafes. One of the hottest places in the garden of the Paris Mosque, where the Arabic tea cakes are also available. The French pastries or croissants, mentioning a new line. There are only so because of this kind are also numerous, lunch and dinner with an excellent opportunity for such a period is served with almond croissant, but the raisins or chocolate cream-snail, and fruit tarts too alluring.
24247009.jpgEvening: Dinner usually around 20 hours. This meal takes the longest time, since his facility: eating, usually in the company, talking, drinking does. Packed terraces in the summer in Paris, it is worth looking at the book table. Several small restaurant so there is little room to argue the tables close together, and sometimes there is a sense of the man to sit at a table with strangers. However, this is not even confusing, but interesting relatives lives in Paris. Most of the restaurants between the hours of 12 and 15 and 19 and is open 23 hours, the largest and busiest in the afternoon, however, people are waiting for the guests. As well as lunch and evening menu can be ordered.

From early morning until late at night in many restaurants to choose type. In addition, under French cuisine in the world in almost all specialties and taste the flavor of Paris. Like the world famous French restaurants offering gourmet, international restaurants are also present in all categories of restaurants ranging from fast, luxurious restaurant. Indonesian or Vietnamese can be very inexpensive menu to order, but they are expensive.