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Paris shopping pleasure. Everything and in any quantity, style, price, style to find one of the many large department stores or boutiques. While the latter a site specializing in the former the advantage that the clothes from the perfumes of desktop accessories offer everything in one place.

The fashion capital of any major fashion house is represented.


If you want a little more luxury, you can visit the most famous shopping street in Paris.


La Fayette store

Built in 1908, the department store brands that are distributed. The articles in technical apparel and outside the ground floor of the world's largest perfume store is located.

Address: 40, blvd Haussmann, 75009 Paris


Printemps department store

Paris's largest shopping center, opened in 1865. The department store, women's and men's apparel, accessories, luxury and beauty items, furniture, and restaurants.

Address: 64, bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris